Hi everyone!  My name is Kristie Montgomery and I’m a senior here at IUE, majoring in Communication Studies.  I’m also the mother of two wonderful little boys, Carter and Noah.  Carter is 5 years old and just started kindergarten last week.  Noah is 4 and began attending preschool last week as well.  Between taking the boys to school, soccer practice, doing housework, and working on homework, I’m usually very busy but in my free time I enjoy reading, watching movies, spending time outdoors with my family, listening to music, playing the piano, and traveling when I can.  I was born and raised in Central Illinois, and now I’m raising my own family here too! 

While my major is communication studies, I really enjoy marketing, advertising, and public relations, so I’ve been trying to take the majority of my electives in those areas. I can’t wait to graduate in May 2014, and plan on pursuing a Master’s degree after my Bachelor’s.  I’m looking forward to working with everyone this semester!

ImageCarter (left) and Noah (right) at a local zoo this summer.